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My name is Angie Lorena Fierro Obando, born on 28 September 1996 in the city of Bogota,

I have 16 years I am living in the spinal Tolima, study in school Isidore educational institution and I am very happy

to study at this institution.

I want to move forward to fulfill all my dreams and co be the pride of my mommy that is what I love most in this world.


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this is my family, with whom I live since I'm here in the cord, my aunt is the chubby lady called premium is Antonia, mi young

girl named Johana and my cousin Aldair and what most adore my mascoticas moon and matias .

I love them all the time I've been here I've caught a lot of appreciation.

And I thank you much for all you have given me.


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My dog and I, is the house mascotica likes to play a lot, out for a walk almost every day,

whenever I came home from school get your tail moving very happy and very juiciosito.

I love him I love him too, sometimes it gets very tiring and stressing me out but I love my life and muco.

I love it and I'm so sad when you are sick.


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This is my dog's name is Matias frespuder race has six months of being here with us, very nice white and

very peludito his whisker.

Canson is damaging likes everything in, I was repeatedly damaged shoes and hit me several times to send them to solve.

I love him and my life is that errito is my worship.

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These are my friends, the knowledge here at school, are what have helped and cooperated at all times of the school,

are very nice with me have helped me a lot, ahy are always with me, I've begun to love very much and consider them as good friends.

shirly called, and Ana Maria yessica.

They want muchicimo and hope to graduate with them and with all the cole conpañeros.


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What I like most is watch TV, I like watching documentaries about everything show and teach medicine and dentistry

, at night I see the soaps, as Rafael Orozco, track and many more progamas presenting on TV .

I like to spend free time in this electronic device.

I like muchicimo television and I've learned a lot here.


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Dentistry is the career you want to study when you finish high school.

Sleep dentistry be the best in the country and good why not help her smile gete that may be natural and without any probleme reirsen

I want to help all people and they know that dentistry is the best race in the universe.

Dentistry is THE BEST


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Univercidad de La Salle in Bogota where I study my career and be a great profecional.

I know this univercidad Get, all my goals and what I have proposed to my future.

I want the best for me to be the best student in this univercidad in dentistry.

Just ask God to help me and to comply Protect all I have in mind.

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